Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Dogmas

Merry Christmas to all you furbabies out there. My chis were feeling quite special this morning when they got their new toys. They were so playful and love getting new playthings. How did you spend Christmas with your doggies?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your Chis and Going On Vacation

Seems I haven't been here as often as I should be, and I am very sorry about that. I have been gone for the past couple of weekends. I wanted to take my darlings with me, but they seem to be more comfortable at home. Luckily, I have had someone at home to take care of them while I was away. What do you do with your fur babies when you leave out of town? Do you take them with you? Some leave them in a kennel. That's fine to do, as long as you find a place that you are happy with and takes good care of them. In that case, looking for a place well before you go on your trip seems to be better so you aren't in doubt when you leave. Some hire dog sitters, which can also be good. Finding a good dog sitter can be as hard as finding a good housekeeper. Ask around your friends and family to see who they use and how their credentials are. Always keep in mind, your dog loves being with you, but in some cases where the trips are for business, they may prefer to stay at home !!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chis and Outdoor Cold Weather

I don't know about you, but my chihuahuas are strickly inside pets. However, there are many chi owners who let their chis outside. I believe they love smelling the cool air and feeling the cool ground beneath their feet. I know that when my front door is open, since the screen door is there to allow them to soak up some sun, they love sunbathing, but cannot be allowed to bathe there too long because they start panting terribly. In very cool, or cold weather, however, they need to have a sweater or coat on to protect their small little bodies from getting too cold. They shake and shiver when they are cold, as well at other times, but they should not be allowed to get too cold. There are so many cute sweaters out there these days, why wouldn't you want to dress them out when they go out? They might like going outside "in style".

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Dogs Got a Thanksgiving Suprize

Oh, Thanksgiving and what a wonderful holiday it was. We had turkey, dressing, ham and all the trimmings and it was a jolly feast. My chis were going about their merry way up until the day before Thanksgiving. I am sure they were asking themselves who were all these people coming in and out, but they weren't expecting to see another dog coming into our house. My middle daughter and her family came, but they brought their yorkie as well. At first, they were all about sniffing and discovering each other, but after a little while, my chis were not happy. Prissy growled, Shorty played keep away and Abbey would not let their yorkie too close to the others. Chihuahuas are wonderful dogs, however, they do not like other breeds too much, although there are exceptions to this rule. They seem to like their own breed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chihuahuas and sickness

All is pretty quiet in our household since Shorty had his seizure, however, Shorty has been limping a big and not wanting to use his left foot. I don't know if he got it caught up in a blanket or rug or what happened, but I will be taking him to the vet if he doesn't start feeling better pretty quick. He is eating alright and still seems to be doing his normal routine. What can we do as petowners to be sure that our pets are happy? One thing that I have learned with chihuahuas is that if they are eating, that's a great sign, especially since they can be such picky eaters. If you notice your chi acting a little different, be sure and call a vet to check that out.....never know what's going on.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chihuahuas and seizures

I have had my chihuahuas for only 2 and 3 years and up until now, have had no problems what-so-ever, but tonight, I had something very scary happen to me. My son had called me to get some keys out of his room for his friend who was coming over to pick up the car, and when my dogs heard a knock at the door, they did their very normal thing of barking. Shorty was barking fiercely and I quickly closed the door after they left and suddenly, I noticed him underneath my kitchen table barely able to walk. He was having a seizure. Oh my goodness, I had never had this happen before and since my hubby was working, my daughter and I was left to deal with this. We really didn't know what to do. We picked him up immediately first of all, and then, along with talking to him and stroking his head, I thought that maybe giving him something to eat would perk him up. In a hurry, I remembered that I had some boiled chicken that he always loved to get, so I grabbed a small piece of that and he ate it. After a few minutes of total uncertainy, he seemed to come around. I put him down and he was like normal. This was a horrible experience for me, so i wanted to write about it, just in case you have something like this happen to your chi. I looked around on the internet about chis and seizures and it seems that it is something that many can experience, and it also seems that people have given them karo syrup or honey on their gums to help get them to come around. Others have taken them to the vet and gotten medications for it. Unknown to me, I just gave him a little bit of food and I knew that if he was going to be alright, he would eat it. He did so I am now relieved. Have any of you experienced seizures with your chihuahua?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rabies Shots and Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas seem to come in different sizes these days. Many people love the tiny tiny ones but that's not always the best. If they are too small, they can have many health problems. A chihuahua has to be big enough to at least see so you don't step on them, at least in my opinion. However, I do have 2 chihuahuas who are fairly small in size, perhaps you would call them petite. They have good sized bodies but their little legs and feet are small. If you have chihuahuas, of course, you must take them to have their yearly rabies shots. I think that my vet has chosen to shorten the dose a little because they are so small. Chihuahuas can also have reactions to rabies shots, such as the case with one of mine, who swelled up so large, face and all, that it was scarey to say the least. In this case, we took him back to the vet immediately and found out that from now on, before he gets his yearly rabies shot, we have to give him a tiny amount of children's liquid benedryl. Please don't go and give this to your chis without checking with your vet first. You have to know how much to give them and your vet is the one who can let you know how much.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Chihuahua Owner?

The chihuahua breed is such a special type of dog. Not just anyone can own one. I have found that many people like to get such a small dog for their children, which doesn't always work out well because chi's seem to prefer adults over children. They like the lifestyle of being a lapdog. Here are a few things that it takes to be a chihuahua owner.
  1. love ---- This is number one here because a chihuahua really wants to be loved on. They enjoy having love from "their" person.
  2. attention --- Oh boy do they love to have the attention! Chihauhuas normally expect to get most of the attention around the house and when they don't, they do things to get that attention. Chihuahuas demand quite a bit of attention. They love to play.
  3. time ---- This breed of dog really likes the companionship of their people. They love being on your lap, or perhaps right beside you wherever you sit. My dogs never give me the opportunity to sit on my favorite chair alone. My dog doesn't even like me being on my computer alone....she thinks she deserves to be on my lap looking on at all times.
  4. caring --- Chihuahuas need a caring owner, one who cares enough to be sure to look after their health issues, taking them to the vet when needed, keeping up on their shots, picking out the right kinds of foods for them (as they are very fussy eaters at times)
  5. understanding --- chis need someone who is going to understand that they do not really reach their grown adult life until they reach 2 years of age, and that means more time willing to take the time to train. Chis can be very stubborn and have a tendency to do things their own way and this is sometimes a bit hard. They need an owner who is understanding that they are a unique breed in their own right and wants to please their person but it may take longer than other breeds due to their stubborness. I think that patience is the key here as well. My chis love to bark, and that is not always easy to tame. But no matter what, I still love them just the same.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Keeping your chihuahua clean is so important.....now, I don't mean to bathe him/her every week but perhaps every other week. You will need to bathe with a very mild shampoo. If there are fleas, what works for me is bathing them in the blue dawn liquid dish soap, rinse extremely well and most fleas drop dead right away. Not only do chihuahuas need to be well groomed, but their bedding needs to be kept clean as well as their kennels and blankets, especially in the case of fleas. Washing out their food and water bowls are important too, but make sure to rinse well, because chis can turn their noses up to strange smells. My Prissy dog gets mad every week when I take her blanket out of her kennel to wash and once it's clean, she wants to take control of it. What a silly dog I have. Chi's sure do have alot of personality, that's for sure.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Prissy Dog

This is miss Prissy and she is my pride and joy. This little lady is about 3 pounds in weight. She is very petite but oh boy !!!! Can she handle her own. She is not one to back down and she is fiercely loyal. Prissy is here, on the inside of the door, waiting for me to come in. She has gotten to be somewhat of a spoiled brat here of late, as she thinks that she has to be with me 24/7. Oh dogs are wonderful companions. She is a beauty for sure.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your Chihuahua and Their Love Of Being Held

Chihuahuas sure do love being picked up and held alot. Actually, they even may prefer it to walking. I don't know, maybe it's due to them being so small and unable to get around as quick as us, but they can if they prance fast enough, or perhaps they just like being cuddled up in your arms. Either way, they certainly do love the attention. Chihuahuas are "people" dogs. Chis love being the center of attention. Having the love of a chihuahua is so great because they love you back. Chis are protective of their "people" and they love being near them. My chis love me so much that I have to share one chair with the both of them on either side of me, leaving me no room what-so-ever of any free space. Chihuahuas are such a great breed, however, they do prefer adults over children.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Those Pesky Fleas AGAIN

I am here to tell you, that once those fleas start, they are horrible to control. I am so tired of using the traditional methods of flea control....seems to me, that they do not work very well. Actually, they might if I lived in a cooler climate, but since I am in Texas, and it is very humid here, it's hard to deal with the fleas. The traditional flea drop to the neck just does not last but about 2 weeks on my dogs, and it gets to be quite expensive. I also have been bathing them to aleviate the problem but it just seems to cling to my poor doggies. I took all the blankets off the couches today, vaccumed the sofas, washed all those blankets, the dog beds, and their blankets and vaccumed the carpets really good, in hopes that this will help some. I am seeking some natural methods of flea control but I have read many, many reviews speaking badly toward the flea control from natural drops on the neck. I am still looking so if anyone out there has any ideas, I would surely love to hear them.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What a Lazy Chi !!!!

Shorty is a very gentle chihuahua, unless there's a visitor at the door.....then he turns into the biggest doggie in the whole wide world. We snapped this photo of him laying in his favorite place......which is our bed, of course. Shorty has his own kennel that he sleeps in at night, however, once we turn the family room's TV off at night, he feels that he is entitled to go to our room and sleep on his favorite pillow for at least an hour or so before he has to go to his own bed. Shorty has on a blue belly band, just in case you are wondering what that is, but we normally take it off at night, but on this night, he got settled into his favorite spot before we had a chance to get it off. He will whine like a baby all night long, if he doesn't get to lay on our bed for a short while every single night. Does your dog do anything so crazy as this? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments area.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Where Do You Find a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are great dogs. First of all, before you get one, you really need to read up on the breed. They are a very unique breed and are more bonded with adults than children. There are many sites on the internet as well that can help you decide if a chihuahua is the right breed for you. But let's say that you have already made up your mind that you do want one. Where do you start looking? Pet shops are normally not a good place in which to start. Where else can you find one? Alot of people place them in the newspaper ads but you must be very careful here as well. Some people ask around their friends or others who have a chihuahua to see where they recommend, also which can be very helpful. Remember to make a checklist of things to ask the owner, or breeder about the dog. Make sure they are alert, their eyes are clean and clear, observe how they interact with the other dogs and people around them. Lastly, there are many places where you can go to adopt a chihuahua. http://www.chihuahua-rescue.com is a place where you can start looking as well. Many of the rescue or adoption sites have already had a vet check on these dogs and shots given. Good luck in finding your new precious pet, as they will be in your lives a good long time. Most chis live around 15-18 years.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paw Appreciation

I know, it sounds funny--"paw appreciation". My dogs do show me their appreciation and I really like it alot. Now, many chihuahuas are stubborn at times, and boy can they get on your last nerve when they don't want to behave, but for the most part, they are really good dogs. My dogs have the run of the biggest part of the house, doing as they please, which is mostly sleeping. There are times when they play and run and chase each other, barking wildly at strangers and sometimes not quite peeing on the paper or pee-pad like they should but really, they are quiet most of the time. I feed them, buy them toys and try and make my fur babies happy, like most owners do their pets. But did you know that they give you their appreciation in return for all of this? Mine show me their "paw appreciation" by greeting me at the door, every single time with joy and jubilation. They are so happy to see me, no matter what time of the day it is. They come and sit by me and keep me company, even in the times that I am sad or blue. Dogs can sometimes be like little people. They bark, but they can't talk back. They can also disobey at times, but they look at you with those big sad eyes and it just makes you want to laugh. What a wonderful companion a chihuahua can be.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall, Christmas and Napsack Beds

Now that Labor Day is over with, fall will be approaching quickly. This is my favorite time of the year. The weather starts cooling down some and the dogs get a little frisky. I think they like the cooler weather too. Soon, everybody will be gearing up for the end of the year holidays, yes, I do mean Christmas. Have you even thought about it yet? I have, but with summer weather, it's hard to think about buying gifts. However, with that in mind, I will probably be getting a few things here this month and continue on until it's all bought.
Have you thought about what you are going to get for your chi? I offer some really unique napsack beds for your little chi. My chis love being covered up. They want to be "hidden" under the covers.....even in the summer with the air conditioning on. What better way to show them some love, by getting them a new bed? These snuggle beds are washable, reversible, and are nice and toasty warm for your fur baby to snuggle inside of. You can find them here http:www.barking-chihuahuas.com
Perhaps in the next couple of days, I will be uploading some pictures of some new ones I am making now for the fall and holiday season.

Monday, August 27, 2007

What Was That Noise My Dog Just Made?

That sounded so wierd. It was kind of like a funny sneezing sound. And it came from my little chihuahua. He acted like he has something stuck in his throat and he is making a funny honking kind of sound. Well, both sounds can be very normal for a chi. Your first instinct though is to check and make sure that they have not eaten something that he shouldn't have. Next, once you see that things are alright, and he is still making this horrible honking sound, you can massage his neck a bit, to see if he calms down. This honking sound is normal. They also can make another sound which is called a "backwards sneeze". This is also normal. They have such a small neck and windpipes. Many people who take their chi's out on a leash outside choose to use a harness instead of a normal collar, which is easier for them. Don't be alarmed by the funny sounds they make. Just try and get them calmed down and soon, the noise will be gone.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Faithful Dog

Well, summer will soon be over with and school will be starting. In our household, we have become so darned busy, that my poor doggies must have thought that I forgot about them. No, not really. I am always here in the morning to give them breakfast and fresh water, but they are normally used to me coming home around noon every day and laying down a bit to rest and they get to have me all to themselves. However, this past 2 weeks have been really so busy that I have not been able to lay down and rest with my little chis. I have been running back and forth to the barn with my daughter to see her new horse, I have been taking my daughter to band camp and getting school clothes and such. But to be very honest, no matter what, my chis have greeted me with wagging tails no matter what. What special dogs they are. They are so loving. Now, once school starts next week, things will get back to normal. Won't that be grand?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Trying Another Flea Product

Over the weekend, I decided to try Frontline Plus on my Abbey dog. I really need to keep up with this flea situation because she digs so bad that she ends up with red spots on her skin. I am going to see how long this product lasts and am praying for success. Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today my Abbey Dog is Going to the Groomer

Abbey is the funniest thing. She is a chi/terrier mix. She looks like a blonde twinkie and is a wonderful dog, very loving. I have had to take her to the groomers to keep up with her longer hair. Every time I put her in the car, I tell her that She is going to be a beauty queen. She has learned to associate this with her looking pretty, I guess. Everytime I look at her and ask her if she wants to be a beauty queen, she lifts up her ears, which normally never stand up and it looks so funny as she cocks her head to one side. Today, my Abbey is going to be a beauty queen. Smiles !!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Flea Problems AGAIN

This is my Abbey. Most of the time, we call her Abbolette. I don't know why but she knows her name either way. She is half chihuahua and half terrier. I have such a hard time with her and those darned fleas. I put some flea medicine on her, actually it was k-9 advantix on July 21st. Now, this is not cheap to use either. It is now 2 weeks and we are already seeing fleas AGAIN. I just don't know what else to try. I have tried them all with no success....unless you call 2 weeks a good deal for the price you pay on that flea med. If anyone else has something that really works, I would love to know what it is.....thanks

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is the Flea medicine working?

Last month, I tried Advantage plus but it only lasted 2 weeks at best. My poor "always inside" dogs started suffering from fleas nearly 2 weeks after application of the flea med. My dogs never go outside, unless of course, I carry them out in my arms. Flea season is in full swing this summer and even if your pets are never outdoors, they can still get fleas. My darling daughter asks me how this is possible. Well, when you walk outside you can always pick up those darned pesky things on your clothing and when you walk inside, bing bang boom, there they are. And they multiply quickly. I went to the pet store and talked to the veteranarian folks and this time we purchased k-9 advantix. I put it on the 21st of this month.. we are 10 days and counting this time to see if it is actually going to work longer than the last medicine did. Here are a few quick tips that were given to me for fleas. They say that bathing your dog in Dawn dish detergent, the original blue one is good for fleas. Another tip is, if you have linoleum or tile floors, mopping them with pine-0-pine really helps to kill the fleas. Now, I don't mean pine-sol. There's something in that pin-o-pine that is supposed to be potent on fleas.Remember here torinse it good with clear water and keep your pets away until the floor is throughly dried. If the fleas are really bad in the carpets, the best thing I have heard is to have your carpets steamed cleaned and that takes alot of them away. Just remember, once you have had one round of killing the fleas, you must repeat it because they hatch out pretty quickly.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Faithfulness of a Dog

I am totally amazed by the faithfulness of my chihuahuas. My dogs are so wonderful. For the past couple of weeks, I have been sick. My dogs have stuck right to me. As I go out the door to take care of errands and come back home, those sweet little paws are right there pawing at the storm door waiting anxiously for me to open it. They let me get inside and once I sit down, they proceed to lick me and wag their tails. To be quite honest, I would love to be greeted home this way by a person. A family member. For somebody to let you know how much you are wanted and appreciated is such a great thing. Sometimes in life, we get all too busy and don't take the time to show our family how much we care. Maybe we need to stop and take an example from our dogs. Give your little chi an extra hug or scratch today and show them your appreciation for always being there for you.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Silly Shorty and the lengths he goes to for a good scratchin

Now I ask you, what will a dog do to get a good scratchin? Shorty loves to have his back legs and his hiney scratched... he loves it so much that he is willing to go to all sorts of measures to have it done. This silly dog is such a sweetie. Shorty is very calm, laid back and loves getting attention....but don't they all? He is wearing a male belly band, just in case you are wondering what's on him. He thinks that he needs to "mark" his territory EVERYWHERE in the house and has done so way too many times until I made this for him and he wears it while we are gone at work. He is a very patient dog and will stand really still for me to put it on him. You can have a belly band for your male dog if you like by visiting my website at http://www.barking-chihuahuas.com

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Does your Dog know any Words?

yes, I know that sounds funny, but they are very smart. Chihuahuas are so smart and they learn so quickly. Although they can be very stubborn at times, they actually can learn a few words. My chis understand the word "hungry" because before I feed them, I ask them if they are and they have learned to know the meaning of hungry. I have also taught them "night-night" for their bedtime. When I tell them to come, I tell them "right here" and I point at the area in front of me, and they have learned that. Yes, that's right, I use those words instead of come. However, you can teach them just about anything if you take the time to teach them. However, don't get too upset if they become disinterested quickly. They are mostly interested in eating, sleeping and playing. My chis still have not learned "roll over" or "play dead". They just look at me like I 'm silly. Teaching them how to learn a few words can be simple, it just takes time and patience. Also, a small treat after they have done what you asked is a real treat.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Shorty's Hiding

Have you ever seen such a silly site? Shorty just absolutely loves being covered up...Just so happens, his bed was being washed, so he took it upon himself to sandwich in between the sofa pillows. This dog is so tiny that you really have to watch where you sit. He weighs about 2 pounds. It's funny how one litter of chihuahuas can be so different within the same litter. All of his brothers and sisters are much larger than he is. He has such tiny paws and legs. His siblings do not. Chihuahuas can have a litter that has many different color patterns as well. The parents were tan and brown colors. Funny, isn't it?

Friday, July 06, 2007

keeping your chi comfortable

Alot of chihuahuas probably sleep in their own bed at night, some find a warm corner but mine have their own crates for night time only. Their crate is a kennel, which I have bought big enough for them to have plenty of space, yet not way too much. Shorty does not like his kennel, because he would rather sleep in our bed with us....not a good idea, as he is way too small. I would be too worried about one of us rolling on him. So, I have tried to make HIS space more inviting. Now, they do use the dog napsacks during the day to snuggle inside of, however, at night, I have laid down a pee-pad first, then I layer the front part with an old rug, and 2 extremely soft blankies that I have made out of fleece material. Now, all this is great, but I also take those blankies and rug out weekly to wash them. This makes for a comfortable chi. What do you do to keep your chi comfortable at night?

Monday, July 02, 2007

I made a new dog napsack and I am so happy with it. I love the beautiful vibrant colors that is in the fleece material inside. I made this with the hopes of selling it, but I almost gave it to my own doggies. They really don't need it though, as they have alot of beds and blankies to sleep with. Right now it just seems so hot for them, but with air conditioning in the house, I still see them shiver. If you are interested in this dog napsack, I only have one and it can be found at my website.http://www.barking-chihuahuas.com

Friday, June 29, 2007

My Abbey, part chi and part Terrier

This is my Abbey. Great dog too. Abbey was supposed to be full-blooded chihuahua. My oldest daughter gave her to me about 4 Christmas's ago. She suprized me, knowing that I was hunting for a chihuahua. Abbey was bought up in Oklahoma from a home breeder. She was supposed to be a long-hair. As Abbey started growing up, I was at the vet one day and I noticed that Abbey was starting to look a little different. Other than Chihuahua. One day, I went to visit my daughter and we went to see the breeder, because I wanted to see the parents. Yes, mother was chihuahua. Father was running around too...and he also was chi. However, the lady had one big terrier dog running around of which she claimed to be "sterile". Well, I had a big laugh once I got back into the car and headed home. My Abbey looked just like the terrier, the one that was supposed to be sterile. I love Abbey and she is a wonderful dog. She is kind, gentle and has all the characteristics of a chihuahua......but her father HAD to have been that "supposed sterile" terrier. She looks exactly like him now, and she is 4. Lesson here is that when you are looking for a chihuahua....make sure you do alot of legwork and check out your breeder. But the final word here is that no matter IF she is not a full blooded chi, she is still the best darned dog a girl could have. She has been one of THE BEST dogs EVER !!!! And I am so glad that I have her.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meet Shorty

Meet Shorty. He is such a lovable dog. He is 2 1/2 years old and he is only 2 lbs. Shorty is extremely gentle, very loving and is spoiled rotten. He loves playing with my hubby's socks. He loves being under the covers, laying beside us sleeping. He is ferocious when it comes to someone coming to the door that he does not know. But if he knows who it is, he is more than playful, he is downright flirtacious. What a wonderful chihuahua.

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Prissy Dog

This is Miss Prissy. She is a special dog indeed. Prissy is my baby and she owns me. I never dreamed that I would have a dog so different from the rest. Prissy is just 2 years old. She weighs about 4 pounds. She is sleek and slim and a ball full of energy. Prissy is the stinker of the family and loves to have her own way. She is daring and bold, insisting to have her own way. Sometimes she likes to get right up under my neck while I am trying to watch tv, which can be somewhat annoying when you can no longer see the tv screen because of her big head in the way, but I am so thankful that I have her. She is just a wonderful companion. Do you have that kind of companion in your dog?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Supplies in case of emergency situations

Here we are during the summer months of everyone talking about hurricane season. Do you know what you are going to do with your pets if a hurricane were to come along? Remember that if you do have to leave, be sure to take along what your dog needs: small kennel, blanket or bed to sleep with, favorite toys, vet records with shots, grooming supplies, food,leash and collar and don't forget to take a bowl for water. They even make those collapsible bowls nowadays that seem like they would do wonders for having to water your pet out on the road. We live in an area where we have to worry about hurricanes, but even if you don't....these things are still something you need to have on hand even if you are going on a vacation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Very Smart Dogs

I wonder sometimes, how much my chis can actually understand. I know that they can read between the lines, so to speak. The past several days, I have been a little down and out feeling and I know that my dogs are right there for me. It's almost like they have this sense about them. They have clung to me and followed me even more than normal. Well, my prissy dog always clings, but shorty most definetly clings to his dady when he is home because prissy usually intimidates him away from me, but these past few days, shorty has been right by my side. I can't tell you how much comfort they have been for me during these times. I believe that most dogs are smarter than we think they are. And boy am I glad about that. Do you have a very faithful dog ?

Monday, May 21, 2007

chihuahuas and family visitors

My chihuahuas are my fur babies, but what do you do when family comes in from out of town and your fur babies, don't know them, or recognize them? First of all, if there are children involved, sometimes it's best to keep your fur babies somewhat guarded in their kennels until they are ready to come out. My fur babies absolutely love my family that just came down, even my grand daughter who is only 18 months. But alot of chis are not used to little children. Please take caution, especially if they are not used to being around little ones, because not only do your chi's get nervous and anxious, it can also be intimidating to a young child, not knowing what to do if your chi barks at them. In my case, thank goodness my chi's were good with the visit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Take a break like our dogs do

This is my shorty dog. He is pretty laid back. This is something that I need to be doing folks. Sometimes I get so busy that I need to take an example from my little dog here and just do what he does: NOTHING. Our day to day lives get so busy that we don't take the time to breathe for just a second. There's always something that I am doing around here whether it be cooking, cleaning, laundry, childcare, but today I think that I am going to take a small break and follow this dog's example. "Take time to smell the roses" as they say, to get a little break today. When it's over, you can start all over again. That laundry can wait 30 minutes !!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

slowing down this blog

I think that this blog will slow down quite a bit now for awhile as I am trying to keep up with a couple of other blogs and my website for http:www.barking-chihuahuas.com

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What makes your chihuahua special?

I have to say, I think that my chis are very special. They have their own personality. What makes them so cute? Well, my "Prissy" is a very special indeed. When I picked her out, she was just the tiniest thing, crawling around in a large box with her littermates. She played with the others, but when I picked her up, she was very calm and still. I proceeded to pick all of them up, one by one. Nope, That small, blackish and tan female was the one I had to have. Now, at the time, I was not expecting to get another chi. My hubby already had one named Shorty, and he was so quiet and calm. He was one that stuck to me and was a great companion. But, my hubby knew that along time ago, I wanted a chihuahua. So, I picked her out and told him "Her name is Prissy". Soon, about 3 or 4 weeks later, she would come home. She was about 7 weeks old when I brought her home. She was a sweet girl. She adapted very well to our household. Let me tell you what !!! This girl has alot of personality. She is now almost 2 years old and she thinks that she owns me. She does not let my hubby kiss me without her being in our faces trying to lick my lips. She has to be with me at all times. When I am on the computer, most of the time, she will be on my lap. When I watch tv, she's right there with me. Prissy is now the boss of the house, and she lets everyone know about it. She is a true character, indeed.Tags: , ,

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bling- bling for your chihuahua

Nowadays, there are so many people who love to dress their chihuahuas. They look so adorable all dressed up. I have seen so many websites with cute clothing. I don't dress my babies, as they are inside dogs and don't much like to be out. But I love putting on bling bling type collars. I just so happen to take my female's collar off at night because she sleeps with an old blankie and I don't want to take the chance of it getting caught up on it. But every morning, I put her collar back on. She feels all fancy with it on. My shorty dog wears a beaded collar of all things.. He feels special with that on I tell ya. Some people prefer to have a harness on their chi, and that's good too...just be sure that it fits and isn't too tight on them.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Chihuahuas and backward sneezes

Now that you have your chihuahua, you are finding more and more about them every day. They are picky, finicky eaters, loving, protective, and then one day you hear this really weird noise come from them. You stop and wonder, what in the heck was that? IT sounds like a cough? Well, it's called a backward sneeze. It is very common in chihuahuas. They are very tiny dogs and have a small windpipe. Sometimes they will do this, and then there are times that they won't do it at all. Sometimes calling their name, or massaging them or trying to distract their attention will calm this down. It can also sound like a honk noise.

Friday, May 04, 2007

keeping up with yearly shots

keeping up with the yearly rabies shots can be a very important thing for your fur babies. There are some that will say that chihuahuas can get by with their shots every other year but there is alot of hearsay over this so I just follow what my vet tells me to do with my babies. Now, it's time for my half chi/half terrier to have her rabies shot. I need to find the time to make that all-important appointment. After all, it's important plus, if you have to have a grooming, that must be kept up to date to get that done.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chihuahua tips and facts

Getting a chihuahua is really a wonderful thing. But please do your research before just rushing out and buying one. Chihuahuas are a very loyal breed. They are loving, but tend to prefer one or two people out of a family rather than loving them all the same, and in my experience, they prefer adults to children. They are not guard dogs but make excellent watch dogs. Being the smallest breed of dog, they are very brave. They will stand up to a very large dog not even realizing how small they are. They do tend to bark alot, they have a tendency to shake, which is normal. They may shake when they are happy, as well as when they are scared or cold. Most chihuahuas are very much lap dogs and love to be with "their" person. Chihuahuas love to burrow under the covers and snuggle up as they do get cold easier than other breed of dogs. They are finicky eaters and do not like to potty on the papers when the papers are already soiled. They like it clean when they go or they may tend to potty "off" the paper spot. Chihuahuas have a mind of their own but are such a sweet dog that you will be glad you got one. Here is my website link where you can find out more about chihuahuas.http://www.barking-chihuahuas.com

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Bad Day for Shorty

Yesterday as I got up, I got my dogs out of their kennels like usual, and by this time, they are ruff and ready....zip, zipping around the house from being so excited to get up. Shorty wasn't so zippy though as I soon discovered that he had a horrible case of diarreah. Poor dog !!! He must have really excited to get out ot that cage for sure. I ended up taking it completely outside and washing it out, spraying down all his bedding with the water hose before I could even wash them. As I worked outside getting all that done, I came inside and found a large spot right in front of the couch where my hubby sits. Oh my goodness. As the day went on, the little guy felt much better and things went back to normal. I had given him some chicken breast the day before, but just a very little. Guess that's going to stop now as I don't want to go through that again. WHOO !!! I guess I will watch what extra I give him from now on. No, I think maybe better, he is going to be sticking to his dog food and that's it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Do my dogs realize how lucky they are?

Day after day, my cute little barking chihuahuas are comfortable in the fact that they can sleep all day, eat when they want and have the run of most of the house. They have their own little indoor kennels at night with several soft blankies inside. My chis are extremely lucky indeed. I have seen other dogs in the neighborhood who wander around carelessly from house to house, I have also seen dogs tied up on a chain, howling all day. Some dog owners cannot keep their dogs indoors all the time, however, chihuahuas are so small that they need to be in at least part of the time. Mine are always indoors and I am trying to get hubby to build a kennel outside just for them to be able to go out every once in a while (without my carrying them). I look at my chis and wonder, do they really know how lucky they are? They are living the life of luxury....lol

Sunday, April 22, 2007

what a beautiful day

What a beautiful day it is today. The weather is just right to be outside doing whatever life offers. I got the flea medication put on my dogs and they seem to be great. No more scratching. Yippeee!
Now, I got the house all spiffed up, dogs happy and the rest of the day is about rest. Think I will go and check out some of my favorite sites http://dogster.com

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Belly bands and what do they do for my dog?

Belly bands are a simple way of saving your furniture. Belly bands are great. It's a simple way for you to attach a pad inside and velcro around your chihuahua's private area so that when he decides to lift his leg to pee, it goes into the pad, and not on your furniture. As my Shorty dog got to be an adult, he stopped squatting to pee. He started lifting his leg. However, not only was he missing his papers and pee pad on the floor, he then started lifting his leg on my walls, on my big screen tv, my new end tables, and anything he decided needed his marking. We had to replace all the doors in the area where he had his pee pad. This meant replacing the bathroom door, my daughter's door, all the wood baseboards and this wasn't funny. It is costly. I soon discovered my end tables had been peed on. Those were washable, but it was getting to the point of ridiculous. I went to the pet store. Searching for an answer, I bought the doggie diaper. It only slipped off. He is such a little guy that he managed to get out of it.
I went to walmart and bought newborn preemie diapers and to no avail.
So, I searched some more and came up with a solution thus making belly bands. They work so well that I can now rest and not have to worry when I am working that he is able to lift that leg and it all goes to the pad inside the belly band. What can I say, he's just a male dog and he's doing his thing, only now, it's not destroying all my things. That makes me a happy camper indeed !

Monday, April 16, 2007

making my dog napsacks

Today has been a very busy day. My poor chi babies are watching and waiting for me to finish sewing so that they can sit on my lap. I made 2 new dog napsacks today and put them on my website at http://www.barking-chihuahuas.com
I also ran to the mail box to mail off a dog napsack and a couple of belly bands. My dogs were so excited to see me come back home, just like I had been gone all day or something. Aren't dogs wonderful? They are always happy to see you. Now that all my chores are done for the day and I am sitting here with my laptop, my babies are happy and guess what they are doing right now? SLEEPING !!!!!!! those crazy dogs of mine.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh my babies are so cute when they beg

I feed my dogs in the morning, even before I feed myself or my family. I take sure they have clean water and enough food to get through most of the day. I know how important it is to freely give chihuahuas and other small toy dogs food so they will not have a problem. I make my breakfast, or any lunch or dinner as well, and there they are, looking at you with those sad eyes, acting just like they had never eaten a thing in their whole lives.. oh, how pitiful. As much as you really want to hand them a bite under the table, it's not good for them to eat much people food. Sure, my vet told me that they could have fresh chicken, boiled... they can even eat a little bit of that squeeze-canned cheese, but all in all, our foods are not that good for them as they can cause them to get overly fat. We want to feed them well, but not make them too fat because that is not good for their health...
I know, I know, many a people say that they gave human food to their dogs and they did just fine. That is all good for them, however, they get things that are good for them in their own food, as long as you choose something healthy for them. Something that has the first ingredient being a meat.
Choose their food wisely. And about the sad eyes, well, I still haven't found a way to conquer that one yet.

Friday, April 13, 2007

flea time

Although my chihuahuas are strickly indoor dogs, last night, we noticed a couple of fleas on shorty. He has not been scratching at all. He is white with black spots and his skin tone underneath is pink, so it's pretty easy to spot fleas on him. Now, with the weather warming up here in Texas, I guess it's time to start some flea control. Prissy on the other hand is way too mean to get any fleas. She never gets any. What is good for fleas? Well, I have asked around and I have tried many different methods. First of all, I don't agree with using a flea collar because that basically puts the poison around the neck at all times. I have heard bad things about flea collars so I stay away from things that might not be good for my babies. I have tried over the counter flea drops which do not seem to work either. I believe the best way to control those pesky fleas is by going to a vet or in a petsmart where they have that vet station and looking at the choices you have. For me K-9 Advantage seems to do the best. Talk to your vet and ask their opinion. So get ready, even though you may not let your dogs outside, you can still get fleas.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Feeding your chihuahua

Oh, with all the hype in the news these days about bad dog and cat food, I shutter to think about those poor owners who's dogs and cats suffered from the food. How do you know these days?
Well, thank goodness, my food was safe. What ever food that you choose, you can always go by this fact. Reading the label on the food ingredients to make sure that a meat is always listed first. If it says corn meal first, then you are paying for that. Dogs seems to do better with lamb or chicken listed first but mine do like beef. Beef can be an allergen to them if they are so proned to be allergic. When choosing a dog food, it might be a good idea to ask your vet about it, research it online and ask around about it. Then, follow the guidelines to how much to feed. Overfeeding them because they have those big sad eyes looking at you will only make them gain too much weight. As for treats, there are so many to choose from. I don't feed my dogs any of the nylabone or any chews because I am afraid of them biting off too much and choking. However, I do give them dog cookies. Make sure you keep up on the brushing of their teeth on a regular basis to keep the tarter away. Chihuahuas can get tarter easily.

Friday, April 06, 2007

teaching chihuahuas not to bark SOOO much

Can you teach your chihuahua not to bark at every single movement someone makes? Well, let me tell you about mine. My teen daughter who lives in this house and they see every single day is barked at by my chi's at every chance they get. When she comes home from school, when she goes somewhere and comes back in, and even my husband gets "the bark treatment" when he comes home from work. I don't know why this is. When they see me coming or even getting out of my car, they will NOT bark at me. Perhaps this is because they instinctively know where their food is coming from? I don't know. Whatever the reason, I decided to try something. Now, I love my chis and I would NEVER EVER hit them.One day they even started to nip at our family friend, who they have seen many times and this had to stop. So, a couple of days ago, I took a rolled up newspaper whenever they started to bark at the family members coming in the door, I tapped it on the table and said NO, and they instantly stopped their barking. Just tapping that rolled up paper on the coffee table did the trick for me. What also works is an empty paper towel roll. They don't like the noise of it. So, if you have BARKING CHIHUAHUAS like I do, and they tend to bark alot, you might just try this. Please do not scare them with it too much though. Just a tap or two on the coffee table does the trick. Try it and see.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tricky little female

Yesterday, I went to buy some dog biscuits and brought them home and much to my suprize, they liked them. They suprized me this time because most of the time, they are very picky. Well, Prissy liked them so much that when she saw Shorty with his new piece of cookie and decided that she wanted more. So, she went up to him, and him being a male, he just thought that he had to sniff her, and that is what she wanted. Poor Shorty, by the time that he got in one good sniff, she snatched his cookie and ran off with it faster than lightning. My husband was sitting there, totally in shock that she would do this to HIS poor dog..... what a laugh. I thought she was just being a tricky little female.. In the end, she got what she wanted---his biscuit.

Friday, February 23, 2007

my dogs and american idol

Well, last night was the night for all of those american idol watchers to see who was going to be kicked off, and my hubby came home late from work and we went to grab a quick bite, and hurried home to be in front of the tv for American Idol, which had some suprizes for me. I was totally wrong about which guys were getting kicked off, but right about the girls. Well, my Prissy just thought that she had to have my full attention and so did Shorty. They tried their hardest at trying to get us to play with them and when they saw that we were totally indulged in the tv, they finally settled down to sleep a bit, under the covers where they usually are. Sometimes I see Prissy watches tv, but she was just NOT interested in American Idol. lol.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

my barking chihuahuas

While my little darlins are laid back and resting for the moment, I have decided it might be quite interesting to look into some scrapbooking.. and I have found some very interesting sites out there. There is also some for pet scrapbooking. Check out some of these links to see what I am talking about.



Saturday, January 27, 2007

a chihuahuas dog food choice

there have been so much controversy over dog food lately.. and there are soooo many brands of dog food to choose from. How do you find a great dog food that is healthy and something they will actually eat? Well, most chihuahuas are very picky eaters to start with. I have tried numerous foods and there are just some they like better than others. For starters, when looking for a good quality dog food, you look for something that starts with having a meat source in the first ingredients. Corn meal is not a meat source, but many dog foods do have alot of it in there. My chihuahuas are small, being 2 lbs and 5 lbs, so they seem to prefer the really small kibble food.
Anyone out there have any suggestions on dog food which is really good, but doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy? any comments would be appreciated.