Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bella Has Really Grown

Bella is now just a little over a year old...my how she has grown. She is still a very tiny dog, weighing in about 4 pounds, but she's sturdy and strong. You know, they say that chihuahuas aren't fully matured until they reach about 18 months, and maybe that's why she still chews on things?  Bella's favorite past-time is running in circles as fast as her little legs can carry her, all around the coffee table, into the kitchen and back around again. She loves to play. She loves bringing her toy to you, putting it in your hand, waiting for it to be thrown, fetching it and  bringing it back and wanting it thrown  again. I don't think that she ever gets tired of playing. This little dog will eat like a pig, so I have to watch how much wet food I put down with the dry. She much prefers it wet, but it's not as good as the dry. What a joy this little girl has been.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bella And Her Vocal Self Today !

Bella has become a little whiny this morning...she is clinging to me as close as she can get. I guess that chis have alot of emotion....or at least, mine do. Bella is very vocal....she cries when Shorty isn't out of his kennel in the morning yet, she makes cry noises is Abbey is accidently left in my bedroom when the door is shut, and she tunes in with the other two when they see someone or something outside. Bella is also whimsical...so funny, in fact that she's just an entertainer all around. I am so lucky to have my chis....they make my day go good when it seems to be going badly. Tricks?  My chis can't roll over and play dead, or even do a "begging" trick but they sure entertain.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Chihuahuas And Dry Dog Food

I have discovered that Bella cannot tolerate eating beef dry dog food. I don't know why, but she just cannot handle it. I didn't discover this right away, but my daughter had noticed several times where she didn't keep her food down. I am using Natures Variety, Prairie, and it has been a very good food. I have noticed my dog's coats very shiny and they are very healthy and happy. I also like getting the California Natural, lamb and rice, small bites and mix it in. I have heard that dogs don't need a variety, but I think that they do.  They seem to like it really well. There are quite a few really good dry dog foods out there, but I think that you have to find which one is best through trial and error. Believe me, my dogs are very picky eaters. Do you find that your chihauhuas can handle beef dry dog food?