Wednesday, October 18, 2006

shorty and the vaccum cleaner

Here is my shorty dog doing his most favorite thing, besides eating of course. This little dog thinks that he is bigger than the vaccum. He bites it and barks at it every single time I turn it on.

Friday, October 13, 2006

What helps for a spraying male chihuahua???

Well, I have tried those diapers, as I said in my previous posting. I made that belly band for my
Shorty dog and boy does it ever work wonders. There are many sites out there that offer belly bands which can be quite affordable. However, if you are so inclined, you can make one yourself.
All you need is the sewing machine, of course, some thread, a little bit of velcro, and some soft material. I measured my dog starting from the back and around his little private area, and got that measurement. I used fleece material so it will be soft against his skin. I doubled that up, cutting and adding an extra couple of inches to be sure that once I was finished with the seams that it would still fit. I guess I made his between 2 -3 inches wide. I sewed outside to outside all 3 seams, turning those and then turning in the last edge to make it look nice, and then I sewed across the edges and again down not the middle, but making it sewed into thirds. I placed the velcro on the edges to fit and sewed that down. I went to the store and bought some poise pads and used one whole pad to place down the center of it and sure enough, it did the job nicely. Now, I have found that you will need more than one because sometimes males will pee alot when they go, even though they are small little dogs. So, you need one or two extras to keep on while the others are in the wash. If your dog is laying around sleeping and you are right there with him, give him a break from it so he won't have to have it on all the time. His skin needs room to breathe just like a baby wearing a diaper. At first, they will not like wearing it. But my chihuahua got used to it and now even stands still while I put it on. Good luck...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Belly bands for dogs

Chihuahuas- R- Barking
Well, since the diaper didn't work, I proceeded to make Shorty his very own belly band. I put several pieces of fleece fabric together and put a small layer in between, sewed on some velcro and Viola !!!!! Shorty now has his very own belly band. I purchased some poise pads to put inside of it. I had been researching and many suggest using a half of one.... but not for this little male dog--- he needs a full one. At first he wore it like it was a foreign object. Now he is getting a little more used to it, which is good. Now when he lifts his leg to pee, he will pee on his pad. For goodness sakes, what will they think of next for dogs?????

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ever use disposable dog diapers?

Chihuahuas- R- Barking
Well, I went to Petsmart to see about those diapers for male dogs who think they need to lift their legs to pee. well, I thought that I would be a smart one and go to the local Walmart, which I did, and buy some preemie diapers to fit my chi, Shorty, who is such a tiny one. I brought them home, cut out the hole in the back, and dog-gone it!!!! They were way too big. And it says up to 6 pounds. Well, he is much smaller than that, but I thought that I could just adjust the tape. WAY TOO BIG !!!!... so today, I thought I would go back into our local petsmart and I happened to see a package that was opened.. so I looked at those x-small onese. They are BIGGER than the preemie diapers. They say up to 5 pounds... so, it's back to the drawing board for me. I have already made him a homemade diaper, but they just do not fit very well.... So, now I am going to make him a belly band and see how that works... Anybody have any luck with any of this??? if so, please let me know. Have a great day all.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's just another Chihuahua day here.

Chihuahuas- R- Barking
Today is such a beautiful day and my chis are all in rare form. They are enjoying looking outside to see what's going on. Nosey little things, that they are. I have been sick for the past several days and my babies have been right there near me as they somehow know that I am not myself. I have been sleeping alot since I am suffering with sinus infection. I am much better now so they are able to go about their normal business. Shorty somehow seems to think that he MUST lick my feet though. Such as it is, he is the sweetest little dog. I hear alot of comments about chihuahuas, and my only thoughts are as such..... you raise them the way that you want them and if you spend time with them, teaching them, they will pretty much give back what you put into them... other than them having their own peace of mind, they CAN be very loving and very gentle dogs, at least in my case, they are and I don't know anything else other than that.