Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Precious Prissy Has Passed Away

I am so sad this morning because there has been so much happening. Prissy took a turn for the worst yesterday afternoon and she passed away. I took her to the clinic and she was supposed to stay for 48 hours to get more meds and nebuliztion treatments. They called me to come pick her up and take her to the emergency vet for an overnight supervised stay. I got to the clinic, waited for her, and before I could get her, she passed away. I cried like a baby, I was so upset. I knew that I had done EVERYTHING in my power for her and it just wasn't enough. My tears run so deep with her loss because she was my companion, my friend and my faithful doggie. My Prissy was the light of this household.....sassy, demanding and cute as a button. I am truely going to miss her around here. For now, I gotta get off here because the tears flow heavy.......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prissy Has Pneumonia

Things have been really tough around here....Prissy has really been sick. I found out through the last test that was left to do (x-ray) that she has pnuemonia. I know, many people haven't heard of a dog getting it, but they do. My Prissy has fluid in her lungs and I had to leave her at the clinic for the entire day Friday. She was given 5 nuebulizer treatments and I got to bring her home for the weekend. It's been VERY touch and go with her all weekend. She is taking antibiotics 2 times a day and she has to have steam treatments 3 times a day but she has not been eating well at all. My poor doggie is skin and bones. Tonight (Sunday) I can finally report that she is starting to turn around a little. She seems more alert, not eating good but better. I have had to put water in her medicine syringe and make her drink some. I have spent alot of time with her and I had a few times where I thought she wasn't going to make it.... but now things are starting to look better and I pray for her to heal and become stronger and stronger each day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Prissy Is Not Feeling Well

My Prissy dog doesn't seem to be feeling very good these last couple of days. I have noticed some weight loss on her and notice that she is not eating with gusto like she did before. She is 3 years old, normally weighing in at 4 pounds. I got worried so I called the vet clinic....took her in and they notice that her baby teeth that should have come out at 6 months old NEVER came out. She needs those pulled because she has too many teeth in her mouth as well as a cleaning. I just recently noticed that she is breathing a little fast. They took a complete blood work up on her and I should have found out this morning what the results were but the Vet has been way too busy to call me.... I am upset, and actually livid about the whole ordeal because not only has it cost me 152. for the fecal test and exam, but 93.00 for the blood work up--which I paid gladly because I want my prissy to feel better, but not getting a call back is really upsetting me. It seems that they get so darned busy that they take in all their appointments, but what about the ones from the day or so ago that still need answers? I am told that there is NO heartworm, which is wonderful, and NO parasites so I am still left here wondering. I will let you all know when I find out what's wrong.