Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Chloe !

meet Chloe, my daughter's new chihuahua. Chloe is about 3 pounds, very long legged and is such a sweetheart! She's even wonderful with my 4-yr. old granddaughter. Most chis prefer adults, but Chloe is still pretty much a baby herself so she is learning how to deal with a child and this is teaching her to be good with children. There's also a yorkie in their home that gets along famously with Chloe so getting her was a wonderful thing. Aren't chihuahuas great?

Monday, January 04, 2010


This is Abbey, and she is half chihuahua and half terrier. She is also a wonderful dog and often bends her head over from one side to question me as if she was a teenager acting like I said for her to go and do some homework!
Abbey's nickname is Abbey-Doo. She is about 8 years old. Although she is the oldest of my 3 chis, she does not rule the roost here....... Prissy does.
Does your chi make funny movements to make you laugh? I tell you, my chihuahuas are so entertaining.
Abbey is also the classic example of being careful where you buy your chihuahua. Abbey was told by my daughter when she bought her that she was full-blooded chi. At first, she looked like it but started showing terrier charicaturistics and some time later, I went to visit my daughter and she took me to the lady that sold her to her, and sure enough, she had MANY chihuahuas, however, there was one terrier male there whom she claimed couldn't mate.......and my Abbey looked JUST like the terrier. We love Abbey so we didn't say anything to the lady, but when buying your chi, please check out the parents and observe the litter BEFORE buying. Abbey is such a sweetie, and my other chis love her, and so do we.

Friday, January 01, 2010

I Have A Snoring Dog!

Shorty is such a sweetie, and he loves laying beneath the pillowcase cover, on top of the pillow during the evenings, before he has to go to his kennel bed. I sit here typing and I hear this little dog snoring.....yes, he is really enjoying his pillow time, I guess.
Does your dog snore? Do you think that only overweight dogs snore? If so, guess again, because Shorty is a mere 2 pounds, if even that. He was going through a bout of not eating because I had changed their food, but a couple of days ago, I went back to his old food and he is now gobbling it up once again.
Does your chihuahua have a special place to sleep?