Friday, June 29, 2007

My Abbey, part chi and part Terrier

This is my Abbey. Great dog too. Abbey was supposed to be full-blooded chihuahua. My oldest daughter gave her to me about 4 Christmas's ago. She suprized me, knowing that I was hunting for a chihuahua. Abbey was bought up in Oklahoma from a home breeder. She was supposed to be a long-hair. As Abbey started growing up, I was at the vet one day and I noticed that Abbey was starting to look a little different. Other than Chihuahua. One day, I went to visit my daughter and we went to see the breeder, because I wanted to see the parents. Yes, mother was chihuahua. Father was running around too...and he also was chi. However, the lady had one big terrier dog running around of which she claimed to be "sterile". Well, I had a big laugh once I got back into the car and headed home. My Abbey looked just like the terrier, the one that was supposed to be sterile. I love Abbey and she is a wonderful dog. She is kind, gentle and has all the characteristics of a chihuahua......but her father HAD to have been that "supposed sterile" terrier. She looks exactly like him now, and she is 4. Lesson here is that when you are looking for a chihuahua....make sure you do alot of legwork and check out your breeder. But the final word here is that no matter IF she is not a full blooded chi, she is still the best darned dog a girl could have. She has been one of THE BEST dogs EVER !!!! And I am so glad that I have her.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meet Shorty

Meet Shorty. He is such a lovable dog. He is 2 1/2 years old and he is only 2 lbs. Shorty is extremely gentle, very loving and is spoiled rotten. He loves playing with my hubby's socks. He loves being under the covers, laying beside us sleeping. He is ferocious when it comes to someone coming to the door that he does not know. But if he knows who it is, he is more than playful, he is downright flirtacious. What a wonderful chihuahua.

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Prissy Dog

This is Miss Prissy. She is a special dog indeed. Prissy is my baby and she owns me. I never dreamed that I would have a dog so different from the rest. Prissy is just 2 years old. She weighs about 4 pounds. She is sleek and slim and a ball full of energy. Prissy is the stinker of the family and loves to have her own way. She is daring and bold, insisting to have her own way. Sometimes she likes to get right up under my neck while I am trying to watch tv, which can be somewhat annoying when you can no longer see the tv screen because of her big head in the way, but I am so thankful that I have her. She is just a wonderful companion. Do you have that kind of companion in your dog?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Supplies in case of emergency situations

Here we are during the summer months of everyone talking about hurricane season. Do you know what you are going to do with your pets if a hurricane were to come along? Remember that if you do have to leave, be sure to take along what your dog needs: small kennel, blanket or bed to sleep with, favorite toys, vet records with shots, grooming supplies, food,leash and collar and don't forget to take a bowl for water. They even make those collapsible bowls nowadays that seem like they would do wonders for having to water your pet out on the road. We live in an area where we have to worry about hurricanes, but even if you don't....these things are still something you need to have on hand even if you are going on a vacation.