Friday, December 31, 2010

Got Any New Years Resolutions Regarding Your Chihuahuas?

I know, it might sound like a silly question, and it's hard enough keeping up with my own resolutions and then to think of my doggies on top of that.  I think that my chihuahuas are spoiled totally ROTTEN....but, if I had to come up with a new resolution for the New Year, I would have to say that I am vowing to keep up on making sure I don't lag behind on the treats this coming year. I am not one who gives my pups many treats... I just feel like I would rather them enjoy their food more than the treat sort of thing, but I think that I may have discovered a treat that they actually enjoy and I think that I could be more routine on getting them for them.  They are such picky eaters, so it's not been easy finding just any ole treat that they like. I have discovered that Petco has a bin full of different things and have found a biscuit type or maybe a biscotti type of treat that they like.  So, does anyone else out there have anything to add? Just curious!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas From My Barkin Chihuahuas !

Waking up this morning, everyone all excited for what's inside of their packages, Miss Bella got a toy, and so did Shorty and Abbey....and they got a dog blankie too ! They also got a doggie bone with carob on it......and it was devoured within a few hours time.....what all did your doggies get for Christmas?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh That Bella Doggie!

Bella decided not to eat at her morning meal this morning and acted as though she didn't feel well. She laid in her favorite spot, in the window sill and as I came in and left the house, she seemed to be normal but still wouldn't eat, even after my offering it a bit later. I ended up throwing it out because I don't like to give old food that's been sitting too long... I washed her bowl so I could try a little later, or perhaps at her afternoon meal, maybe she would eat. Bella is a funny one...she doesn't like to eat her food if her bowl hasn't been washed promptly. Maybe that's because chihuahuas seem to be very sensitive with their smelling. Afternoon feeding was almost here and I just couldn't stand it. I didn't want to put her food out and have her shun it again so I thought I would try something else. I had some small bits of boiled chicken in my fridge and decided to see if she was REALLY sick...haha....low and behold, she SCARFED it down without a moment's thought.  I filled her clean bowl with her dog food and she ate like no tomorrow. No more Bella acting like she couldn't eat. She was giving her toys HECK....trying to make Shorty and Abbey chase her and she was feeling her oats. Aren't chihuahuas funny?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bella The Barker

As of late, Miss Bella has been using her vocal chords alot....she has discovered that if she barks at something, things happen. She not only has a deep bark for a small puppy, but it's loud as well. She started all this when the other dogs would be looking at something outside and barked at something they saw, Bella barked. Heck, I even noticed times that she would just bark because she heard them start in....even without seeing what it was. Next thing I knew, I would be in the kitchen doing the cooking and there she was, barking at me. I look down at her to see what all the barking was about, and it's just her, wanting attention....or more...she smells the food and wants me to give her a taste..isn't she funny?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shorty Still Isn't Tolerating Bella Very Well

Shorty hasn't been tolerating Bella very well, and as a matter of fact, he normally doesn't want anything to do with her, but she's got other ideas.....she follows him, chases after him and makes her little growling sounds towards him and he has gotten where he now chases her a bit, and she's loving every minute of it!  I have to admit, these dogs are so funny!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bella Got Her Spay Stitches Out Today

This morning was a joyous morning for me because I got to take my Bella in to have her stitches out and I was SOOOOOO happy because I thought that it also meant that she would be able to take off the nasty e-cone as well.....not so.  I was not happy about it, but the Dr. said that she needed to wear it another day because the stitch site would still be tender. The e-cone will be coming off tomorrow and I will be so glad about that, and not only that, Bella will be too. She probably thinks that this is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life, but when she gets it off tomorrow, she will finally have some freedom. Making that smaller e-cone really did make a difference in her world and in mine. I just don't know why they don't make them and sell them in the pet stores for smaller dogs.

Monday, September 06, 2010

A Homemade E-Collar For Such A TIny Dog

Since Bella only weighs 3.2 pounds, she is just extra tiny, and I had a hard time with that other e-collar, I went to the Dollar Tree, bought a 50cent piece of poster board, came home, drew a pattern off the old one, then I took off 1/2 inch off each end, and trimmed another inch off the long side and taped it on.  As you can see in this pic, it's un-even where I taped it, but I have just evened that off and re-taped it and now it's nearly perfect---well, as about perfect as you can get when you HAVE no choice but to keep them from biting at the incision.  Every single time I have taken her e-collar off, she reaches straight for the stitches so I felt I needed to keep it on. However, the one I bought from Petsmart is thick and plastic, making it very heavy for her, and not allowing her little nose to be able to reach her food very well.  I was having to hand feed or putting her food on the edge of the bowl so she could reach I  am now going to try this. She is not wobbling as she walks now because it isn't heavy. She's also able to reach her bowl much better.  I wished that they made this sort of thing for a tiny dog, but it's nearly impossible to find one. Thank goodness for the internet and people's opinions that gave me the idea to even try this. It comes off Saturday morning, thank goodness!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Bella With E-Collar

Poor Bella With That Nasty E-Collar!

As you can see, this collar is humongous, and it was the smallest one found!.  Last night, we took the collar off of her and the FIRST thing she did was try to pick at her we had to put it back on her.  I was really hoping that she wouldn't bother with it, but I guess, being Miss Bella, she HAD to start picking. I HATE that collar but I don't want her to get an infection.  I will try taking it off again to see if things change. You know, I have seen other dogs out in public before with that silly collar on and never really knew what it was for.....and now I know.   As you can see, her coat is super shiny, and she is very healthy....and she's eating wonderfully!  And here is Bella before her surgery....she LOVES to play!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bella Got Spayed!

Bella's probably mad at me wondering when all this vet visit stuff is gonna end. She finally got cleared of her demodectic mange, and yesterday, she had an appointment for her spaying. I took her in at 7am and my daughter, who just got a job at the clinic, brought her home last evening.  She has only one stitch on the outside but it has to be kept dry and not covered, and in 9 more days, she will get the stitches out. In the mean-time, she is wearing one of those horrible, nasty head things so she won't clean her stitch and cause infection. I had to work today so she got stuck wearing it today but tomorrow I am off and I am going to take that darned thing off so that she can have some peace....although, I wonder if I take it off, will I have trouble getting it back on her again? I just don't like it at all, and neither does she. I don't want her to take a chance at getting an infection though.....those 9 days will be long ones for sure.
However, I am glad that it's done.  I will no longer have to worry about my Shorty dog thinking he's gonna get lucky. lol.
Have any of you had experience with that darned cone thing that keeps them from licking the area?  I guess I am gonna have to get used to it, until her stitches come out, but honestly, I will more than likely HAVE to take it off while I am home with her, just to give her some peace.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is Demodectic Mange, Anyways?

It's nothing pretty, that's for sure. Bella started scratching and her hair was starting to come out in little places. I was wondering what was going on.  I even pondered upon the idea that maybe it was demodectic mange because many years ago, I had a toy fox terrier that had it, but at that time, there was nothing to be done for it but the dipping. I took Bella in for a check up and they did the scraping, and sure enough, that's what it was. They wanted to start the ivermectic in cherry syrup but I was afraid. I told the vet that I would go home and discuss this with my family and look online at other possible cures. Well, after much thought, I went ahead. She liked it, much to my suprize, so giving it to her was easy. She started clearing up day by day, a slow process, but when I took her back and got 2 different scraping of negative, she was done, and boy was I glad it was over!
Here are a few links I found in case you want to learn more about it.
you can also google this and find more about it.

Bella And Demodectic Mange

With each new day, Bella brings some sort of antics and laughter to my world.  This dog has such a cute and innocent face, but she's anything but innocent. Not only did she come into our household, she's a permanent fixture. I have been dealing with an issue that's not very pretty though....Bella ended up with demodectic mange. It is something that seems to be passed down from the mother. I was, of course, devastated. She got the scraping done, it was positive, so........ upon much researching, I went ahead with the ivermectic in cherry syrup method. It worried me, but I wanted her to be clear, so, I went ahead.  It was about $35 for the bottle, but it lasted more than a month. She loved the taste so it wasn't hard to give. I can report now, that after all is said and done, she is CURED!   well, hopefully for good.  Her coat is such a black and shiny one, as she's been eating Nature's Variety. I also add a small spoon of soft dog food to her meal once a day, but she is doing great.  I am so happy.  She is going to get spayed on Sept. 1st, so I am a little weary and worried because she is only 3 lbs, but she has grown so much. I don't think anything is going to get this little gal down...she's too mean!  and she's already been through so

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bella Made Such A Mess!

Well, it seems that even though I have managed to get most of the cords out of Bella's way, AND I thought it was safe to leave her out while I was gone, I came home after a gaunt to the grocery store and Bella had REALLY made another mess! I came home to find that my yarn, which I thought was pretty well hidden and out of her way, was strung all the way across one room, tangled around my coffee table and all the way to the door! And of course, Bella, acting like she had nothing to do with it, even though she was right there with all of it!......I also found cotton balls torn up all over the floor. She had HAD a frenzy of a playtime. Oh how suprized I was at the mess that she created, but laughing that she had made such a mess of things! Don't you just love em?

Monday, August 02, 2010

Bella's Trip

The trip was a success, much to my suprize. The drive turned out to be a little longer than we expected, due to our pulling a trailer with a car on it behind us, so we could take it to my oldest daughter. Bella did wonderfully! She slept for most of the trip, however, when we got there, it was like nearly 1am and she did not want to go back to sleep, but eventually did. The very next day, we happened upon a wonderful invention: a playyard that was made out of that lightweight material and folded all up ! While we were there, she played to her heart's content, but when we left, she enjoyed the roomy-existance of the new play yard. We found it at petsmart for 67. plus change. Yes, more than I wanted to spend, however, if you check out the wire ones, they run 85 and on up. I also checked into the children's play yards that are plastic and look like the plastic gates that connect ( no flooring) and they were running about the same in price, but hard to find. All, in all, the trip was good, Bella was good and we got home safely and not only am I happy, but so is Bella!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bella's First Trip

Tomorrow I am going to go and visit my grown kids and families out of state, luckily it's only 6-7 hours drive and I have made the decision to take Bella with me. Normally, I don't like taking the dogs on trips like that, but in this case, I think it's a must. Shorty and Abbey are older and are used to being out and roaming around the house freely all day, but Bella, well, that's a different story. I had finally decided that when I go out on errands for an hour or so, Bella is able to be with the other 2 dogs because she is potty trained well and I don't have that worry, however....... I have just found out that she has been CHEWING! ....and I mean EVERYTHING. My computer speaker wire is about gone, as well as 2 of my cell phone charger wires, my vaccum cleaner cord, and last but not least, my internet wiring for my computer. I moved my computer up to a higher location, but some of these cords are not moveable. She must be getting bored when I am gone and deciding to find new chew toys, even though she has plenty. So, I am going to take her with me. I don't want to leave her out all day without any supervision, geez, you'd think she was a
I have my son doing the feeding and watering and changing the pee pads but he works very long hours and I just don't think it's a good idea to leave her roaming free willy. What to do about puppies and chewing? Most everything is up now but I still think she will find something to chew on, so she is going to be taking her first trip, and I sure hope it all goes well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bella Loves Playing With Her Toys

Bella is having such a great time, and she absolutely LOVES playing. She doesn't mind tackling toys even almost her size.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puppy Chewing Tips

I named my littlest chi "Bella" but am now wondering if I should have named her Miss Bite-Everything-In-Site!.....I know that she is a puppy, and all puppies chew but she has tons of toys to chew on, but prefers to chew on the cords that connect to my computer and almost demolished one totally. I had to raise the computer up higher to prevent her from finishing off that one cord and start on another, and it's not as if I am not home, because I am. She just stays so busy that it's hard to follow her around all over the place.
For this reason, I am now going to give a great tip, especially for puppies.
Puppy-proof the house, and that means tying up all cords, putting away the shoes that you don't want chewed up, making sure that no extra food drops to the floor so they can get it, keeping the rug or floor vaccumed or swept as best you can, and even keep your pee-pads or newspapers out of reach because they will chew on EVERYTHING!
I have found that the "kong" toy with a treat inside will help or even detour some of this but if your chihuahua puppy is as rambunctious as mine, then it's going to be a contstant battle. Just remember, chihuahuas stay puppies for quite awhile and they teeth so they will really need to be watched really well....and don't forget--they are just puppies!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bella Wants To Rule The House

Day after day goes by, and I am watching Miss Bella grow....she's not getting really big, but her body is getting longer and she is starting to have some periods of NOT biting everything she sees. Well, let's back up and say, she's still biting everything, but not ALL the time now. lol. Silly dog.
Bella wants to play with Shorty but he still doesn't have any interest in her, although I have seen him sniff her backside a time or two, and they have managed to sit in the windowsill together without too much problem. All she wants to do is play, and he is just not having ANY of it. Bella is a very forward little chihuahua, and she wants attention. I don't know if it's just female chihuahuas but she wants to rule the house and she puts Shorty and Abbey in their places.....just like Prissy used to do. Oh, I tell you, she sure is the life of the household now, and I am so glad that I got her.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bella And Her Vet Experience

Today was another day in the round of puppy shots for Bella. Before every shot, they ask if they can give her a diaphenhydrine shot, which is supposed to be like benedryl and it helps to keep the side effects down to a minimum on her regular shot, so I say yes because of what happened to my Shorty dog years ago. It has always gone well, but today was a different day, and what a scary day it was for me, and for poor Bella. The technician gave her the first shot and was supposed to wait at least 15 min before her getting her regular shot. As it turned out, the tech guy wasn't so easy and my poor Bella was crying! But as soon as this shot was done and he went out of the room, Bella started acting funny....and I was very upset. She was moving her head all around like she was trying to have a seizure. I had her in my arms, in her blanket and I pushed through to the vet back room area and started asking for help....and the vet tech comes and another vet was there as well. I asked him WHAT was wrong with my Bella? They took her from me quickly and told me to wait. I was horrified, actually fighting back the tears because it took my mind back to when I lost my precious Prissy dog. The vet tech came back in and told me that they were putting her on oxygen, and for me to calm down because she would be alright. After a short while, he brought her back in, and she was better but still not herself. The vet came in and explained to me that Bella had gotten scared and all of this caused her to be this way because of her worry. The vet came and talked with me, assuring me that he checked her and she was going to be fine. I was MADDER than a wet hen, I tell you. I was not happy. Honestly, I think that the vet tech hurt her when he gave her the first shot. I think that she got scared and nervous. Poor Bella and what a vet experience it was today! After I checked out, she seems less nervous on the way home, but it wasn't until 4 hours later, that she finally went to sleep in my lap. I placed her inside of her kennel where her favorite blankie is and she is sound asleep. Boy what a day! I hope we don't ever have to have this happen again....poor baby!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bella Updates On The 4th Of July!

Bella gets braver each and every day. She still picks on Shorty and has even snuck up behind him and bit his ear a time or two. Not only that, she has now begun to bark at the other two when they are eating. She doesn't want them to eat while she's eating, and what's worse is that Shorty likes to come over to her plate and try and steal a morsel or two. I had her in a playpen and have now moved her to a large kennel....and that has worked out very well. Potty training is fantastic for the moment and we are still experiencing the biting and chewing of everything she sees in sight. What a wonderful 4th of July we are spending, just relaxing around the house. Couldn't be any better!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Meet Miss Bella

This is Bella, and yes, she looks quite the innocent one, but believe me....she's not! She is spunky, extremely playful and not shy at all. Bella came to me at 8 weeks, weighing 1.6 pounds. I have started her puppy shots and exams through Banfield (petsmart) and all is going well.
She wants to play with my other chi (Shorty) but he just isn't having any of it......hopefully soon, he will figure out that she's here to stay!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcoming A New Chi Arrival....

I have so much missed hearing the antics of my beloved Prissy....and so now comes the time for another new puppy in my life. I am now the proud owner of "Bella". She is so much an instigator, wants to be the alpha dog in the house and carries on like she owns the place. Being a puppy, she is so much the chewer, but she is much more the chewer than Prissy ever was. She has her own distinct style and grace. Right now, Blogger isn't letting me get a picture on here, but as soon as I can, I will. She's adorable and I think that's just what I needed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Prissy's Ashes

When Prissy passed, the vet gave me a choice of just taking her home and burying her in my yard, or having her cremated. I decided upon the cremation because I just could not bare to see her after she passed. She was so loved and I didn't want to see her without any life in her, especially since she was always so frisky and playful. I got a call from the vet office and went and picked up her little box, that was inside of a blue bag, which had her name embroidered on it. I spent a few moments in rememberance all over again, but knew that I had done everything that I could to try and save her. Why do our pets only live a small fraction of our lives? Is it so that we can share our lives with several pets? I don't know, but all I can say now is that she was loved very much.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Prissy Dog Is Sooooooo Missed.

Missing my Prissy dog has been hard. I still haven't heard from the vet clinic when I am going to receive her ashes, but I am sure it's bound to be soon now. The house has been very quiet, and I am missing the prancing of miss Priss. Not only did I take it so hard, but my teen daughter took it very hard as well. Trying to soothe her tears were hard, because I was trying to dry mine as well.
I have to say though, that I truely enjoyed every minute of having Prissy. She was a joy to have and she always made my days happy, even when life didn't always go right. I wonder if our little dogs go to a doggie heaven.......ever wonder?

Friday, May 07, 2010

Why Shots Are Important

Here are some of the reasons that shots are important for our little ones....I do, however, recommend that you talk to your vet Dr. first to find out how often they need these shots. Some of these are combined into one shot to make it more simple to get.
1. Distemper......very contagious, about 80% die no matter what is done for them.
2. Parainfluenza, Bordetella..... Canine cough which can eventually lead to pneumonia and death.
3. Giardi......... a serious intestinal infection caused by a microscopic parasite.
4. rabies.... a deadly illness that will kill an infected pet.
5. coronavirus...... this is the 2nd leading cause of viral diarrhea in dogs of all ages.

Heartworm prevention is important because one single mosquito can bite your pet and cause it to develop worms in the heart.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Losing A Beloved Pet

With Prissy gone now, the house is terribly quiet. Yes, Shorty and Abbey are here, but it's just not the same. No more heck-raising, no more demands from my sweet Prissy dog. But I am so thankful for the time that I had her. The bad thing about losing a beloved pet is your heart aches for that special love you had and miss them like crazy, but somehow, time kicks in and the pain isn't as hard as it was at first. I know that one day, I will have another chihuahua puppy and love it just as much......but it's soooo hard when you lose the ones you have already.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Precious Prissy Has Passed Away

I am so sad this morning because there has been so much happening. Prissy took a turn for the worst yesterday afternoon and she passed away. I took her to the clinic and she was supposed to stay for 48 hours to get more meds and nebuliztion treatments. They called me to come pick her up and take her to the emergency vet for an overnight supervised stay. I got to the clinic, waited for her, and before I could get her, she passed away. I cried like a baby, I was so upset. I knew that I had done EVERYTHING in my power for her and it just wasn't enough. My tears run so deep with her loss because she was my companion, my friend and my faithful doggie. My Prissy was the light of this household.....sassy, demanding and cute as a button. I am truely going to miss her around here. For now, I gotta get off here because the tears flow heavy.......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prissy Has Pneumonia

Things have been really tough around here....Prissy has really been sick. I found out through the last test that was left to do (x-ray) that she has pnuemonia. I know, many people haven't heard of a dog getting it, but they do. My Prissy has fluid in her lungs and I had to leave her at the clinic for the entire day Friday. She was given 5 nuebulizer treatments and I got to bring her home for the weekend. It's been VERY touch and go with her all weekend. She is taking antibiotics 2 times a day and she has to have steam treatments 3 times a day but she has not been eating well at all. My poor doggie is skin and bones. Tonight (Sunday) I can finally report that she is starting to turn around a little. She seems more alert, not eating good but better. I have had to put water in her medicine syringe and make her drink some. I have spent alot of time with her and I had a few times where I thought she wasn't going to make it.... but now things are starting to look better and I pray for her to heal and become stronger and stronger each day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Prissy Is Not Feeling Well

My Prissy dog doesn't seem to be feeling very good these last couple of days. I have noticed some weight loss on her and notice that she is not eating with gusto like she did before. She is 3 years old, normally weighing in at 4 pounds. I got worried so I called the vet clinic....took her in and they notice that her baby teeth that should have come out at 6 months old NEVER came out. She needs those pulled because she has too many teeth in her mouth as well as a cleaning. I just recently noticed that she is breathing a little fast. They took a complete blood work up on her and I should have found out this morning what the results were but the Vet has been way too busy to call me.... I am upset, and actually livid about the whole ordeal because not only has it cost me 152. for the fecal test and exam, but 93.00 for the blood work up--which I paid gladly because I want my prissy to feel better, but not getting a call back is really upsetting me. It seems that they get so darned busy that they take in all their appointments, but what about the ones from the day or so ago that still need answers? I am told that there is NO heartworm, which is wonderful, and NO parasites so I am still left here wondering. I will let you all know when I find out what's wrong.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chihuahuas and Sickness

I have been so sick this whole week, sleeping away most of the entire week....along side of me have been my two little chihuahuas holding steady to me as if they knew what was wrong. I don't know if they just have a sense about them that they know when you don't feel well but they are extremely smart dogs. Does your chihuahua do something special or different when you don't feel well? Do they cuddle up to you? Heck, my chis have been so close to me that I haven't had much room to myself. One thing about chihuahuas....they are so loyal!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Getting Prissy Spayed

I have had my prissy dog for several years now, and in all this time, I have not thought about getting her spayed, except for the times that she comes into heat and our male dog, Shorty, is bothering her. She does not like Shorty and sometimes she can be very cruel towards him. Of course, what female wants to be bothered when they are having their time, right? Anyways, Prissy is showing me a side of her that I don't even like very well, and that's the fact that she has been tinkling on my sofa, the floor, the arms of the sofa, soft blankets and whatever else she wants to "mark" and I believe it's because she is in heat, or maybe coming into heat. I have not bred her, I think that she's way too tiny, and Shorty is not from the same litter, but they do have the same parents so that was never an option. I have made the decision to get her spayed and I have been reading that it's a good thing, that it helps them live longer lives and I am hoping and praying that it will stop her behavior of having to mark things in my home.......otherwise I will have to buy some diapers for her, and I really don't want to have to deal with that expense.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nib-Nose Prissy Dog

Miss Prissy is my little one who rules the roost over here. She is always checking the outside to make sure that everything's okay and that we are safe and happy, as well as her being a total nib-nose and looking to see what the neighbors next door are doing. She has a great view to our neighbors and what's going on outside. She doesn't like the cats who roam into our yard and she thinks that her barking scares them off. My dog is a very protective thing and she's a pure joy to have in our family. Miss Priss is a very tiny dog, weighing in just around 3 pounds.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Chloe !

meet Chloe, my daughter's new chihuahua. Chloe is about 3 pounds, very long legged and is such a sweetheart! She's even wonderful with my 4-yr. old granddaughter. Most chis prefer adults, but Chloe is still pretty much a baby herself so she is learning how to deal with a child and this is teaching her to be good with children. There's also a yorkie in their home that gets along famously with Chloe so getting her was a wonderful thing. Aren't chihuahuas great?

Monday, January 04, 2010


This is Abbey, and she is half chihuahua and half terrier. She is also a wonderful dog and often bends her head over from one side to question me as if she was a teenager acting like I said for her to go and do some homework!
Abbey's nickname is Abbey-Doo. She is about 8 years old. Although she is the oldest of my 3 chis, she does not rule the roost here....... Prissy does.
Does your chi make funny movements to make you laugh? I tell you, my chihuahuas are so entertaining.
Abbey is also the classic example of being careful where you buy your chihuahua. Abbey was told by my daughter when she bought her that she was full-blooded chi. At first, she looked like it but started showing terrier charicaturistics and some time later, I went to visit my daughter and she took me to the lady that sold her to her, and sure enough, she had MANY chihuahuas, however, there was one terrier male there whom she claimed couldn't mate.......and my Abbey looked JUST like the terrier. We love Abbey so we didn't say anything to the lady, but when buying your chi, please check out the parents and observe the litter BEFORE buying. Abbey is such a sweetie, and my other chis love her, and so do we.

Friday, January 01, 2010

I Have A Snoring Dog!

Shorty is such a sweetie, and he loves laying beneath the pillowcase cover, on top of the pillow during the evenings, before he has to go to his kennel bed. I sit here typing and I hear this little dog snoring.....yes, he is really enjoying his pillow time, I guess.
Does your dog snore? Do you think that only overweight dogs snore? If so, guess again, because Shorty is a mere 2 pounds, if even that. He was going through a bout of not eating because I had changed their food, but a couple of days ago, I went back to his old food and he is now gobbling it up once again.
Does your chihuahua have a special place to sleep?