Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steam Cleaning Before The Holidays!

Yesterday, I noticed how my carpets are starting to look dreary and dull, and talk about stink !  My chis have had a few mishaps as of late, something that just happens when you have dogs in the house...What to do about it? There's always the possibility of my pulling out my large, but heavy carpet cleaner and doing it myself, or there's a company out of Austin that will come and do the job for me. I found that  http://thesteamteam.com/austin-cleaning-services seems to have a very wide variety of cleaning available.  What's also good is that because I own pets, they also offer pet odor treatments, leather cleaning and also offer upholstery cleaning, which is something I need because my doggies love laying on my sofas.  With the holidays coming up, what a wonderful way to spruce up my house before company comes!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Lazy Days Of Waiting

With each passing day, we wait....Bella, Shorty and Abbey lay around the house along with me, waiting for their "sissy" (my daughter) to walk through the door.  I don't know how dog's minds work and I don't know if they miss her or not....however, I  DO know that if I say "sissy", they head toward the door and look out as if to be looking for her car to pull in the drive.  Chihuahuas are very smart little dogs. From somehow knowing that I am saddened at my daughter's being gone, they cling right by my side at every moment they can. My daughter is in boot camp and she has one more month to go, and I am in hopes that by the time that Christmas comes around, she will get to come home on leave...
One good thing about having a dog is that they are wonderful companions...always here when I need them.