Friday, June 20, 2008

Shorty Dog Had A Seizure Today

Today my shorty dog had another seizure and I am glad that I was home to help him. I noticed him under my kitchen table with his bottom side up in the air and he was not moving. I thought he looked quite odd, actually. I picked him up and put him on the couch and he kind of laid there funny, so we picked him up and talked to him and held him for a little while and soon, it was all over. He was back to normal again. I just don't know what triggers seizures in him and my other two don't seem to have any problems. Some people say that vet dr.s can give different meds to help this, but does it really? Do they really know what helps this or how we can prevent this from happening? Anybody have any input about this?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Guess I Have To Retrain My Abbey Dog Again??

Besides my two chihuahuas, I have a chi/terrier, named Abbey who is starting to give me a little bit of trouble these days.....and I have yet to discover what's going on with her. Every night, my chis sleep in their kennel, actually they love it and my Prissy will come and get me to tuck her in each night. Prissy likes to have the cage door shut with a towel on top of the cage covering her door, I suppose she just likes her privacy. (lol). Shorty has his own kennel and retires there over night as well, but Abbey, she has the run of the whole front of the house, with her bed in the living room corner between the two sofas. I have pee pads down in the same spot down the hall way and every single morning we wake up and Abbey has pooed in the living room and not only that, it's on our rug. I don't know why. She knows good and well where the pee pad is and normally uses that during the night but all of a sudden now, she has decided that our living room carpet is where she's supposed to go. We caught her yesterday in the act and scolded her, but again this morning, there was pooh. Maybe she needs to start sleeping in the bathroom until she learns all over again where the pee pad is. I just don't know what's going on with her these days. Any suggestions on how to retrain a dog who's about 5 years old and has always gone potty in the right place until now????

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is fastly approaching and my darling chis have been able to go outside on the front porch and enjoy the breeze, but soon, they will be stuck in the house more due to the very hot weather. We have been having mid 90 degrees here and not much rain. My poor chihuahuas run to the door so they can go outside, but I am not able to let them out for long, but mostly in the morning time before it gets too hot. Guess they will just have to be their lazy selves enjoying the summer in the air conditioning. Crazy dogs!