Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bella Enjoying Christmas

Well, the tree is up, with all it's decorations and as of late, I have been doing quite a bit of wrapping.....I wished that I could be like some people who wrap their gifts up as they buy them, but no....not me.  So, with wrapping paper all over the floor, present to wrap and name tags here and there, Bella has been wondering what the heck is going on.  Maybe she doesn't remember this from last year, but she has been really interested in what I have been doing.  The wrapping paper has startled her, and she has been watching me like a hawk.  Crazy Chihuahua!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Holidays And Bella

I am sorry that I have not written in a life has been so busy that I haven't had much time to even sit and rest.  My daughter went to Navy boot camp and finished....after that, she went to her schooling.and so far, it's been crazy around here. I did take Bella to the vet a couple of days ago for a heartworm test because on her last visit, they forgot to give it to her....luckily, she was heartworm negative....which is always good to hear. She weighed in at 4.4 pounds.....doing well.
Hopefully I will get back on track and start posting regularly again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steam Cleaning Before The Holidays!

Yesterday, I noticed how my carpets are starting to look dreary and dull, and talk about stink !  My chis have had a few mishaps as of late, something that just happens when you have dogs in the house...What to do about it? There's always the possibility of my pulling out my large, but heavy carpet cleaner and doing it myself, or there's a company out of Austin that will come and do the job for me. I found that seems to have a very wide variety of cleaning available.  What's also good is that because I own pets, they also offer pet odor treatments, leather cleaning and also offer upholstery cleaning, which is something I need because my doggies love laying on my sofas.  With the holidays coming up, what a wonderful way to spruce up my house before company comes!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Lazy Days Of Waiting

With each passing day, we wait....Bella, Shorty and Abbey lay around the house along with me, waiting for their "sissy" (my daughter) to walk through the door.  I don't know how dog's minds work and I don't know if they miss her or not....however, I  DO know that if I say "sissy", they head toward the door and look out as if to be looking for her car to pull in the drive.  Chihuahuas are very smart little dogs. From somehow knowing that I am saddened at my daughter's being gone, they cling right by my side at every moment they can. My daughter is in boot camp and she has one more month to go, and I am in hopes that by the time that Christmas comes around, she will get to come home on leave...
One good thing about having a dog is that they are wonderful companions...always here when I need them.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Suprize Box

Friday was a good and relaxing day for me, and my chis...I didn't have to work, and they were glad that I got to spend the entire day at home with them......however, right in the middle of the day, while we were all taking our little naps, my chis saw the UPS man come up to the door.....barking was what woke me up.  Thank goodness for my little watch dogs....right?  The UPS man brought a box, and immediately, I knew what it was.  I was not expecting this package already, actually I thought it wouldn't come until next week.  I brought it in, tore it open and my little chis started wagging their tails and sniffing away...... it was my daughter's box that came from Navy boot camp.  She enlisted and went into boot camp just last week. They smelled her clothing and shoes, and looked at me, as if to say " where's sissy at"? I was sad, but at the same time, I was glad to get her things, and happy that my dogs were there to comfort me too.  She is going to be gone for several months before she can get the chance to come back home...but I know that once she steps back into the house, they will be happy to see her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chihuauhas Are Great Companions

Bella is soooo spoiled rotten. She has the best of all worlds....a window to look out of to see what's going on, and a nice warm blanket to hide underneath when she feels cold. Bella is a great source of comfort to me, and that's what is so wonderful about chihuahuas. Not only are they lap dogs, or at least ones who want to be near their owner, but they can comfort you in times of need....times when you are upset about something....and she is always there when I need her.  She's a picky little eater though, I must admit, and she likes some children (the older ones) but does NOT like younger children as much. She loves the granddaughter who was staying with us all summer (age 10) but does NOT like my granddaughter who lives out of state and comes to visit (age 5)...perhaps it's because the younger one is a little rough at trying to pick her up, or maybe she's used to one more than the other. Bella is nosy, loves her chew toys and thinks that all the toys in the house belong to her and not the other two chis. Bella is now one and a half years old and that is when most chihuahuas mature. She is tiny, very tiny, but weighs 4 pounds and of those 4 pounds, she is stocky and feels solid when picked up, very much UNLIKE my other chi that weighs nearly the same but is very dainy and fragile-feeling when picked up. Bella, Bella, Bella, what am I gonna do with you?  I will definetely need  lots of attention when my daughter (or as we call her, your sis) leaves for the Navy next hoo.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Update On Bella's Elevated Liver Test

Today I called to find out about Bella's elevated liver levels, and to be honest, they told me that they were low a year ago. Here's what it's supposed to be for ALT 10-100, and Bella's were 137.  The ALKP is supposed to be 23-212 and her's her 57....but last year, Bella's alt was only 56 and the alkp was 220, so it seems that the numbers have been reversed. I explained that Bella would not eat the Science Diet and that I was having a problem with giving it to her so the Vet Dr. has prescribed something called Samm-E. and I have to go and pick it up. So, it's not anything heavy duty for me to worry about, but I still have some concern. Thank goodness I don't have to give my poor Bella that nasty food.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bella And The New LD Food

I am here to tell you that even though Bella had a slightly elevated liver count on her blood test, that she is supposed to be eating that Hill's Science Diet LD food.  She hates it, in fact she did eat a small portion of it and ended up with loose stools. It was not a good thing. I spoke to the Vet and she told me to take her back off of it for a few days and then try and re-introduce it to her again. It is food that comes in a can, but it is not very moist at all. I am not sure how I am going to get her to eat it, or even try it again. And what's worse, there doesn't seem to be ANYTHING else on the market for liver diet. Now, the Vet did NOT say that she had a large problem, only that it was slightly eleveater....what does that mean? Should I go and have another blood test done? Has anyone else ever encountered this problem, and if so, what did you do?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bella's Slightly Elevated Liver Test.

It was time for Bella to go to the Vet to get her yearly shots, etc....and weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds, she was shaking and terribly upset. Bella doesn't like being somewhere other than home. She got her shot that counteracts any allergic reaction and it seemed like we were in there waiting for a very long time. Blood work came back and the dr. was explaining her results, and suddenly she told me that Bella's liver level was a little bit elevated. I was shocked. Bella always eats well, plays hard and has a beautifully shiny coat. Dr. asked me if she eats people food, and I said no, except for an occasional bit of chicken, and then she wanted to know about her food. I pay top dollar for the dog food, which is supposed to be good food. She prescribed some Hills Science Diet LD for her. I bought 2 cans, of which was dry and yucky looking. Bella doesn't seem to like it well and I mixed it with her regular food and she has eat some of it. The dry bag of food sells for 55.00 but it's nearly a 20 pound bag and my 4 pound chi is NOT going to eat it all. So, now I am on the hunt for the smallest bag. Seems there's nothing even close to it anywhere(other brands). I am now wondering if there is anything that might cause a slightly elevated liver level. No other tell-tale signs of trouble. Anybody with any answers out there?  I would love to hear from you, if you do.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chihuahuas Are Wonderful Companions

I am so used to being at home, having my chihuahuas there with me, everywhere I am....and when I step out of the house to run errands or to work, they are jumping up and down, very happy to see me. They are a constant and make me feel like they miss me no matter how long I have been gone.  Due to some health issues of a family member out of state, I am away from home and have been for nearly a I am truly missing those little stinkers. I still have family members at home to attend to them, but it's just not the same with me being gone....and I wasn't able to bring them along due to the fact that I would be extremely busy here helping to get things done. Chis make wonderful companions...loving, laying silently beside me when I am watching tv, and close by when I am doing household chores. There go with me to each and every room that I go into. Sometimes when I am in back of the house, they are great at letting me know if someone is at the front door, since I don't have a working doorbell. Tomorrow I will be going home, and once again with my chis.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Chihuahuas And Feelings

Soon, my darling teen daughter will be leaving home. She just finished high school, and has joined the Navy. I am wondering how, or IF it will affect my little chihuahuas. Do they have feelings? They seem to, because they wag those tails with all their might, when I come home from being out runnig errands. Chihuahuas seem to bond to one person in the family, but MY chis seem to like everyone in our household. They favor me, but love our family members as well. I wonder if they will sulk or show any saddness after my daughter leaves. She will be in boot camp for a good 2 months, as well as schooling for another 5 months and will be gone quite awhile. I know they will remember her when she comes back home, but I am wondering, if what, kind of emotions do they have when a family member leaves ? They don't seem to have any sense of time, so maybe once she comes back in the door, it will be as if she just left? Anybody have any ideas on this?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bella's Nail Got Stuck Today

Chihuahuas are small, but very sturdy little dogs. I found out something about my dogs today. Now, most chihuahuas are known for burrowing under the covers, and as usual, my two didn't think twice about getting under the blankets when I decided to lay down and try to take a short nap. I had on some very old pants, but they were knit.....oops !  that was the wrong thing for me to wear. Little did I know, that there was a small, and very tiny hole in the back of them. My Bella somehow put her paws up against me and her nail got caught in them. I tried to get her released, but couldn't so I had to hollar out for my daughter to come help me. She ended up cutting a much larger hole out of my britches to release my poor dog's nail. Bella was distraught over it and would not allow her to clip her nails.  She stayed still long enough for me to cut most of the material off the nail, but later I am going to have to get the clippers out, when she's calmed down a bit more. I am a couple weeks behind on her nail clipping and this just showed me that I need to keep up on things. After my daughter graduating and all the company coming in and out, I got pretty caught up in all the goings on. Next time I will not let the nail clipping go longer than it should.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Chihuahuas and Children

This past week, I had a really hard time with my chis.  They proved just exactly what everyone says about them being true to their owner and protective. My youngest daughter was graduating and two of her older sisters and families came in the celebrate the event. One daughter has a 5 yr old, and neither one of my chihuahuas liked her. She, of course, wanted to pick them up and neither Bella or Shorty wasn't having any part of that. They were scared at first, like most chis....After they found out that our guests were staying for awhile, they warmed up, and at times, even allowed them to pet them or pick them up...even a time or two with my 5 yr. old granddaughter, but not much. She wanted to handle them WAY more than they wanted her to. I had to explain to her that they didn't always want to be picked up, and for them, there were times that I put them into their kennel so they could have a break from all the action.  I have had people ask my opinion about getting chihuahuas for their children. There are some that will do very well, but alot of them just would rather be around the adults...I think this is pretty much characteristic for the majority. Although, I will say, mine were fairly good about it, most of the time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bella Has Really Grown

Bella is now just a little over a year how she has grown. She is still a very tiny dog, weighing in about 4 pounds, but she's sturdy and strong. You know, they say that chihuahuas aren't fully matured until they reach about 18 months, and maybe that's why she still chews on things?  Bella's favorite past-time is running in circles as fast as her little legs can carry her, all around the coffee table, into the kitchen and back around again. She loves to play. She loves bringing her toy to you, putting it in your hand, waiting for it to be thrown, fetching it and  bringing it back and wanting it thrown  again. I don't think that she ever gets tired of playing. This little dog will eat like a pig, so I have to watch how much wet food I put down with the dry. She much prefers it wet, but it's not as good as the dry. What a joy this little girl has been.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bella And Her Vocal Self Today !

Bella has become a little whiny this morning...she is clinging to me as close as she can get. I guess that chis have alot of emotion....or at least, mine do. Bella is very vocal....she cries when Shorty isn't out of his kennel in the morning yet, she makes cry noises is Abbey is accidently left in my bedroom when the door is shut, and she tunes in with the other two when they see someone or something outside. Bella is also funny, in fact that she's just an entertainer all around. I am so lucky to have my chis....they make my day go good when it seems to be going badly. Tricks?  My chis can't roll over and play dead, or even do a "begging" trick but they sure entertain.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Chihuahuas And Dry Dog Food

I have discovered that Bella cannot tolerate eating beef dry dog food. I don't know why, but she just cannot handle it. I didn't discover this right away, but my daughter had noticed several times where she didn't keep her food down. I am using Natures Variety, Prairie, and it has been a very good food. I have noticed my dog's coats very shiny and they are very healthy and happy. I also like getting the California Natural, lamb and rice, small bites and mix it in. I have heard that dogs don't need a variety, but I think that they do.  They seem to like it really well. There are quite a few really good dry dog foods out there, but I think that you have to find which one is best through trial and error. Believe me, my dogs are very picky eaters. Do you find that your chihauhuas can handle beef dry dog food?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SleepyTtime Bella

Goodmorning Bella, it's time to wake up....and does she care? Heck no!  She has already been fed breakfast, and done her morning thing, so she figures that while I am on the computer and cleaning up in my bedroom that she can just take it easy. This little chihuahua has been such a joy in my life. I get a big kick out of watching her as she is very playful and very nosey. She is having a good morning this morning indeed!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shorty And His Allergies

People have allergies, in fact, I deal with outdoor pollen issues quite a lot.  Do dogs have allergies? Yes, they do...some have allergies to fleas that bite them and their skin is in distress, some are allergic to particular foods, and that's where my Shorty dog comes in.  I have noticed that he does extremely well on the dry food that I give him (prairie).  I have come to like several brands but it seems that they like the Prairie the best. I also give them wellness chicken stew because it's in tiny chunks and you can see the peas as well. Shorty loves this and does well on it.......however, I have noticed that on rare occasion, I have given my chis boiled chicken.  Shorty will especially scarf it down like it's nothing he's ever eaten before...but he ends up being sick the next day. Shorty has diareah and will not even eat the next day until it's almost time for bed. No matter if it's only a tiny amount, he cannot seem to handle it. He hides under the blankets most of the day until his tummy returns to normal. I guess that the boiled chicken will have to stop now that I 've noticed how it affects him, and there's no giving it to the other two without him because that wouldn't be too fair., no more boiled chicken for them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Bet I Have Some Of The Luckiest Dogs In The World

I have a boss who is completely busy with helping a shelter get lost dogs back to their owners, and finding new homes for the little doggies out there who have no homes....and she stays extremely busy with all of it. I am amazed at all the dogs out there without homes. I look at their faces in pictures and wonder how anyone could surrender such a cute face. But it happens, I know, and it's so sad.......Then, I come home, and no matter how tired I am, I have my precious little chis who jump up and down at the site of my walking in the door, and they are happy to see me.....and I know that my little ones seem to be some of the luckiest chis in the whole wide world. They are inside dogs with all the luxuries that any dog could ever want. They have soft places to sleep, all the food and water they could handle, and warm, loving owners who are glad they are here. I love my chis, and I know they are lucky, but I feel lucky to have them too, because they are such great dogs !(oops...they don't know they are dogs...haha)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Is Your Chihuahua Vocal?

My Bella seems to use her vocal chords alot....not only is she a barking chihuahua, but she growls, gruffs, and makes all kinds of noises. She has been "letting me know" by the gruffing she makes for quite some time now. She has this one pair of pj bottoms belonging to my honey that she really thinks belong to her--not him.  She loves chewing on the a look.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update On Shorty

Late last night, Shorty got up off his comfty spot and came to the kitchen, where I was, and looked at me, and went to his food bowl. I gave him some dog food and he ate it up like there was no tomorrow.  I am so glad that he is feeling better.  This morning, Shorty seems to be doing well.....he ate good and now he's laying in his favorite spot on the couch....So glad that he's feeling better.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shorty Is Not Feeling Well Today

I'm not sure what's going on with my little Shorty dog...he seems like he has eaten something that didn't agree with his stomach, and I am wondering if he somehow got a bit of food morsel that might have dropped on the floor somewhere, or perhaps he just ate something off the carpet, or what? I don't know....but he has been upchucking just a bit...not alot, and his poo has been a bit runny.  When I came home from work this afternoon, he came to greet me and he was walking a bit wobbly, so I am wondering if he was coming out of a seizure or something but after a few minutes of my holding him, he seemed much better.  He is laying around on the couch, getting up only when he feels like it and I am just watching him to see how things go. He's very alert and he seems okay now...  I guess I will have to keep my eye on him to see how he feels later. Poor doggie...he's such a sweetie and I don't like it when my chis aren't feeling good.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Will Bella Do Next?...My Barking Chihuahua

For the past couple of days, and nights, my honey has been out of town, I have had several really quiet days, except for the rumblings of my teenager...I was busy folding some laundry in my bedroom when Bella comes in, plays around a little and then....all of a sudden, she starts barking and carrying on, looking on top of the nightstand I have near my closet. My teen seems to think that Bella is barking at nothing, wondering as if Bella might be seeing a ghost of some  I put my attention to what she might possibly be barking about and see that there's a pair of pj bottoms on top of the nightstand, belonging to the honey. I grab them, set them down on the carpet in front of Bella to see if that's what she was barking about, and sure enough ! it was.  Now, that silly Bella has been doing her barking stuff every morning, and every evening. What a crazy little dog....and I am now wondering.....what will Bella do next to amuse us?  All of this barking, over a pair of pj bottoms !