Sunday, May 06, 2007

Chihuahuas and backward sneezes

Now that you have your chihuahua, you are finding more and more about them every day. They are picky, finicky eaters, loving, protective, and then one day you hear this really weird noise come from them. You stop and wonder, what in the heck was that? IT sounds like a cough? Well, it's called a backward sneeze. It is very common in chihuahuas. They are very tiny dogs and have a small windpipe. Sometimes they will do this, and then there are times that they won't do it at all. Sometimes calling their name, or massaging them or trying to distract their attention will calm this down. It can also sound like a honk noise.


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Bob Disporto said...

Yup, nice post about reverse sneezing and chihuahuas. A neck massage does wonders to calm it down.

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Anonymous said...

My dog foams when he coughs like that whats going on?

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