Choosing A Vet For Your New Chihuahua

Choosing a Vet for your chihuahua might sound simple, and it really can be, but as in my case, I have chosen to use the Petsmart services called Banfield. They offer a plan that you pay  some down, and then choose to have a fee, which might differ from area to area, but mine is only 21.95 a month. I am able to get my chi the puppy shots that she needs and all her check-ups without paying extra. I have chosen to include spaying in my contract as well because I do not plan on breeding and I know that it can be costly, if you don't use a low-spay clinic. There are drawbacks using this type of service though, and it might not be bothersome to some, but one thing it's kind of like a human-clinic where you don't always get the same vet and vet tech every time. Really no biggie, unless you really want to have the same person each time, and with that, you need to look for a smaller vet clinic.
Also, there will be other fees outside of the monthly fee, like say for instance that you choose to use the diaphenhydrine shot to reduce the side effects of shots like I do, and that goes by weight but for me, it's an extra 17.00, but that's my preference.
I have one vet in particular that I like and when he comes into the room, he talks to my chihuahua and starts loving on her and she seems to really calm down alot. When he gives the shot, instead of the vet tech, she never cries....he just has a way about himself when he takes care of my dog. That's the kind of vet that everyone wants: someone who listens to what you have to say, someone who doesn't seem to be in a rush, someone who soothes your little baby and who wants to see what's going on.  Getting in on time that you are scheduled is a plus as well as being able to get in when there's an emergency too. Best thing is to ask around to your friends and family and see who they use and their likes and dislikes about their vet as well.