Thursday, July 13, 2000

Chihuahua Characteristics

Recognizing a chihuahua isn't hard to do because they seem to stand out in a crowd. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed in the world, ranging from 6-9" but can often get 12-15" tall. They normally weigh 2-6 pounds as well but I have often seen them a bit more than that. This is a natural toy breed, known to have very large and erect ears. Chihuahuas can have long coats or smooth coats ranging from the very soft to the wire-y whiskery feeling type of coat. They have short, slightly pointed noses, stick-like legs and often dainty feet. Some chis have the apple-domed head which is well rounded but there are some with the dainty "deer head" too.
This little dog is a very spunky and alert dog who is very loving. They love laying in sunny spots, and burrowing under any cover they can find. Chihuahuas normally are not a good dog for children but would rather stick with one person who they protect with a fierceness. They really love their person, loyal and are great lapdogs. Chihuahuas can sometimes make a funny noise like a backwards sneeze but this is normal for the breed.


Bob Disporto said...

Nice post about chihuahua characteristics.

Shirley Anderson said...

My grandchi looks very much like your pretty little Bella, except for the nose.

My grandchi is a 2 year old miniature applehead. She has a short (looks a little like she ran into a wall) nose and a noticeable under bite. Makes her the cutest thing ever, especially when she smiles!