Sunday, July 07, 2013

My Shorty Dog

Shorty is about 9 years old now and is still doing well. Yes, you might be noticing that he has a red thing attached to his back side but that's because it is a belly band. I have had to put these on him during the day time, especially when I am gone due to his loving to mark his (our) territory and since he is not fixed, this is an easy remedy to protect our furniture and keep him out of too much trouble. Shorty has just discovered his favorite wet dog food and has been a little more spunkier since trying it. I still feed him dry dog food and at this time we are using Fromm, but he loves his food topped with a small spoon of wet food and his favorite is Blue's Blue Irish Lamb Stew.  The chunks are a good size and with not too much gravy he is now jumping up and down when he sees me putting his food in his bowl. 
Chihuahuas are hearty little dogs, mostly picky eaters, but finally I have found something that he enjoys!

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